We believe that weddings are magical events. They are also as party planner to the rich and famous Colin Cowie says,
"Your first joint statement of style." Your wedding should reflect you, your likes, your style, not ours.
At Uncommon Gatherings, we think that you are the most important part of the wedding day, we strive to help you
create a day that's magical and stress free so you can enjoy yourselves.

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What clients are saying:
"You are my life-savers, I would have failed without you!"

"I don't know how this wedding would have happened without you two."

"I've been to a lot of weddings, but I've never felt that I was more than an observer at them. Tonight I felt like I was a part of the celebration."

Because we believe that every wedding is as different as the people getting married, we like to sit down with prospective clients and talk, for about an hour and see if the fit is right. This hour is free. At the end of that meeting if you'd like to work with us, great! If not, that's ok too.

We tailor our services to your needs, that's why we don't offer pre-made packages. Once we've talked and you've had a chance to think about what things you'd like us to handle, we create YOUR package.  We've found that, although wedding planning is another item to add to the budget, most of our clients are delighted to find that we have helped them save in other areas of the wedding budget and we've helped them to reduce stress at the same time!

To the Rescue
For the couple who has finished all the planning, but just wants someone to be there on the wedding day so they can relax.

A la Carte
Many of the servicess are available on their own.

Custom Stationary
                        Save the Dates
                        Place Cards

        Confetti and Streamer Launch
                        Small Cannon Launch, 2 cannons
                        Large Cannon Launch, 2- 4 cannons
                        Choice of available colors
                        Some restrictions may apply

        Ceremony and Reception Decor
                        Coordinates with Florist
                        Rental Items from our collection

        Wrapping of Attendants Gifts

        Box lunches or sacks for Wedding Party

Celtic & Renaissance
Uncommon Gatherings has special interest in Celtic, Scottish, Irish and Renaissance weddings.